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Inward provides a central mobile platform customizable to organizational and individual needs. Our founders have spent the last few years working with executives, program developers, researchers and healthcare providers to identify and eliminate the friction preventing proven programs from reaching the people they serve. We strengthen corporate wellness programs, facilitate provider-client relationships, empower researchers to scale their research, while always supporting the individual to build positive daily habits.

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Reduce stress with Mindfulness Daily App.

Inward launched Mindfulness Daily to empower people to tackle a common problem that affects everyone in the ecosystem: stress. Research shows that practicing mindfulness can help reduce the effects of stress, but being mindful is often out of reach when we need it most. Our app Mindfulness Daily helps build a practice of mindfulness with just a few minutes sprinkled throughout the day. Begin each morning with a few mindful minutes, followed by a thoughtful Pause in the afternoon, and conclude with reflection and relaxation in the evening.

In its first few months in the iTunes App Store, Mindfulness Daily has already empowered tens of thousands of individuals to mindfully pause and learn the basics of mindfulness. Contact us if you have any questions or ideas on how we can improve Mindfulness Daily to fit your needs.




Co-creating and delivering a 21 day program targeting college students’ texting habits.

Dr. Trub collaborated with inward inc. to co-create a mobile app, Mindful Messaging, which offers young adults an opportunity to reflect upon their relationship with texting and other technology use.

“inward was a good guide in the app development process, especially when it came to taking something conceptual and turning it into a concrete product,” she says. “A lot of researchers come to the table with good ideas but without a real sense of how to create something tangible out of them.”

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